12V 4x10A AMG & Lithium(LiFePO4) Automatic Trickle Battery Charger Smart Battery Maintainer for Car Motorcycle Lawn Mower Boat

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l 40 amp (10 amp per bank) smart on-board marine battery Charger for 12V batteries; charges LifePO4 batteries and all types of lead-acid batteries from 10-120ah, including wet, gel, MF, and AGM

Model: TE4-0273

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12V, 4-Bank Waterproof Smart On-Board Marine Battery Charger10A per bank

For 3x12V LifePO4 batteries and 1x 12V AGM batteries

10A per bank, total 40A

Wake up function for low voltage lithium batteries

l Safe for anyone to use. Does not generate sparks, and protects against reverse battery Hookup, short circuit, open circuit, overheat, overcurrent and does not overcharge the battery

l Recovers deeply discharged and sulfated batteries with pulse charging

Charge four batteries at the same time

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  • Model TE4-0273
    Battery Type 12V STD, GEL, AGM and 12V LifePO4 batteries
    Rated AC Input Voltage AC105-125V, 60Hz or AC220-240V, 50Hz
    Max Output Voltage 14.2V±0.3V or14.4V-14.8V
    Charging Current 10.0A±12%
    Protection Overheat
    Short Circuit
    Reverse Polarity
    Housing Material ABS
    Ingress Protection IP65 Water Resistant
    Color Customized
    Certificate cETL /CE-EMC/CE-LVD/ROHS
    Weight 7kgs
    Size 295x215x80mm
    Integrated Plug EU/AU/UK/US

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