Fire Drill

Workers will be practicing a fire drill in factory with a firefighter assisting them. This is aimed at teaching all the workers proper procedures for evacuating the building in a real life fire or emergency situation.

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A fire drill is a method of practicing how a building would be evacuated in the event of a fire or other emergencies. In most cases, the building’s existing fire alarm system is activated and the building is evacuated by means of the nearest available exit as if an emergency had actually occurred. Fire drill procedures may vary depending on the building type, such as hospitals or high rise buildings, where occupants may simply be relocated within the building as opposed to evacuating the building. Generally, the evacuation is timed to ensure that it is fast enough, and problems with the emergency system or evacuation procedures are identified to be remedied. In addition to fire drills, most buildings have their fire alarm systems checked on a regular basis to ensure that the system is working. Fire alarm tests are often done outside normal business hours so as to minimize disruption of building functions, the specialist fire alarm engineers will test the alarms in the building and repair or upgrade the system if needed.

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Post time: Aug-05-2020