The 5th Electronic Assembly Skill Competition for Tonny Cup in 2020

In order to improve the professional technical ability and operational skills, the company formed a good atmosphere of “Learn technology, practice skills, be an expert and make contributions”, at the same time to create a strong corporate culture, the 5th Electronic Assembly Skill Competition for Tonny Cup was held as scheduled on July.24, 2020.

This skill competition consists of two parts: Circuit Board Plug-in Competition and Finish Goods Assembly Competition. Around 300 workers participated in this competition. In this competition, the quality control department and electronic engineers will test and judge the competition.

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More important is that in order to ensure the rigor and fairness of the competition, even if there is a design mistake, it needs to be accurately realized on PCB. For example, when designing the circuit with isolated residual copper, the engineer team must ensure that the shape of the residual copper is exactly the same as the design. This is a great request for the fixtures, machines and our team.

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Our workers enthusiastically signed up and participated actively. The leaders of various departments vigorously promoted and judged fairly, and worked together to make this competition be a complete completion.

The competition pursues the tenet of “skilled and heavy participation”. The atmosphere is intense and integrated.

Through this skill competition, employees feel the atmosphere of the competition, and their skills are honed and improved, which increases their self-confidence and enthusiasm.

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Post time: Aug-05-2020