Car fan is still necessary nowadays


We all know modern vehicles have air conditioner system inside, no matter what kind it is or what brand it is. But we still could find many different car fans is the market, why the old fans are still necessary now?

It’s energy saving compare with the car air conditioner systems. Air conditioner is a high power system which need a lot of power. Car air conditioner’s power comes from engine. Generally,starting air conditioner will take 10-20% of the vehicle engine power, the fuel consumption will increase accordingly. And car fan powers from car battery, and most car fan power is below 10W, much lower than car air conditioner system

It’s convenience and cheap, most car fan has a mounting clamp or bracket, they are able to mounted at anywhere in your vehicles. Which means it could cool passengers in different angles. Some vehicles doesn’t have air conditioner vent for the backseat. Some car fans could be mounted on seat back for the backseat passengers or pets in the back of your car, bring coolings or remove unwanted eliminate pet odor smell, cigarettes smoke or dust quickly and effectively.

Car fan is a important complementary tool for car, trucks, RV, school bus, it’s necessary now.   

Post time: Apr-19-2022