GE solar inverters are now available on the Australian market

GE solar inverters can now be purchased in the Australian market. No other country in the world can use these products.
The three solutions in this product portfolio include: GEP 3 to 5 kW, 2 MPPT, single-phase inverter, GEP 5-10 kW, 3 MPPT, single-phase inverter and GEP 29.9-60 kW, up to 6 MPPT , Three-phase inverter suitable for C&I industry. All inverters have a 10-year warranty.
GE brand inverters are produced by GoodWe and are named “GE Solar Inverter”. GE selected GoodWe as its licensing partner in 2020 to expand its renewable energy activities. Due to the organization’s commitment to quality assurance and technological innovation, GoodWe is GE’s preferred partner choice.
Thomas Buccellato, senior managing director of GE authorization, said: “Our analysts know that we need world-class products because we are targeting the high-end market because end users are also highly loyal to the brand. GoodWe is the right choice. ”
As part of the strict licensing partner selection process, every detail of the solar inverter manufacturer is carefully reviewed and evaluated based on selection criteria carefully drafted by a team of elite researchers and scientists.
GE products retain the latest and most advanced features, which will enable consumers to obtain solar products of the highest quality and reliability. In addition, a dedicated GE solar inverter team is committed to ensuring that Australian homeowners and businesses can use unique and cost-effective products to gain a glimpse into the world of smart solar energy.
GE Solar Inverter’s goal is to become a major contributor to Australia’s renewable energy transition and to become a major technological innovator in the growing Australian solar industry.
Inverters can now be purchased from One Stop Warehouse and MMEM Green Tech, designated partners of GE Solar Inverter.
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Post time: Feb-26-2021