Inverter manufacturer gives you a detailed share of DC to AC Inverter

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Introduction of DC to AC inverter :

Everyone use some kind of electronics while in car,trucks or marine or outside.You might check your GPS,charging your phones,tablet PC on trip. These electronic devices can be recharged or powered by a 12V cigarette lighter car charger,just connect it with you car power socket/cigarette socket. But what if you want to use something more elaborate while you’re outdoor? Maybe you want to make toast, watch an LCD TV in camping. These devices need AC home power, not 12 volt power, then you need a power inverter

Power inverter converts direct current power,which comes from 12V or 24V battery to alternating current, the kind of power supplied to your in-house devices. Its a useful,necessary equipment when you are in travelling or camping, it provides power for most common household appliances even at outdoor such as fans, TVs, refrigerators,ovens.  Small inverter with power below 300W usually have a 12V cigarette lighter plug, just plug it in your car power source, then you can use AC devices in your car. A higher power inverter over 1200W is designed for camping,outdoor use. Except AC outlets, almost all inverters also have USB output for phones, tablet PC and other electronics recharged by 5V power, some new inverters have QC 3.0 and type C outlets for quicker charging.    

All inverters have some built in safety features that make them easier and safer to use. Inverters typically have automatic shut-off capabilities, when the battery voltage get too low or too high, it will shut off and alarm, some inverters have LCD panel display the battery power percent and output power. Meanwhile, if the unit detects a power overload or overheating situation, it will also shut down to prevent the chance of a fire. Inverters can also shut off in the event of a short circuit, such as a piece of metal falling into the chassis or the inverter getting wet. Short circuit shut-off is an effective way to prevent electrocution.

Post time: Jan-24-2022