McLaughlin: I am the harshest critic of IndyCar’s transition

McLaughlin has won three supercar championships and participated in a successful private test at Barber Motorsports Park with 11 other IndyCar drivers. The result was only one-tenth of Penske’s fastest teammate Will Power. McLaughlin (McLaughlin) ranked seventh and third among the Penske team’s four cars.
Scott has only one name, IndyCar, which is the 2020 final in St. Petersburg. The New Zealander said that he hadn’t realized that he was impressed in the United States.
In an interview with “Motorsport”, he said: “I dismiss these things because I am my own harshest critic. There are three guys next to me that I want to beat. If I don’t beat them, no matter what I lack. I am not very satisfied with the experience. This is just my competitive nature.
“Today, I am satisfied to a certain extent, but Will is only a tenth of us away, and several other Chevrolet boys are also leading.”
“I think I did gain something, I enjoyed it, and I did promote myself, but I knew I had to do better.”
McLaughlin (McLaughlin) visited the Barber Racing Park during the November test before participating in the IndyCar racing in November. When returning to the track, he said:
“The road you know will be different. This year for me, it won’t be what I used to be, so I have to do my best.
“We ourselves and my engineer Jonathan [Diuguid] put a lot of effort behind the scenes to figure out what I want from the car and what everyone else wants from the car.
“So it’s a really good day, and it quantifies a lot of things. This is a test day, but we see it as an important exercise for the race weekend.
“I have three of the best teammates I could have, and I’m really happy that they pushed me so hard.
“And the team is also trying to push me. I am building a good relationship with Jonathan; he is a good person, but I also like working with him.
“Let all these people surround me, I am in a situation that makes your life, your brain is filled with a lot of positive emotions, and I am giving birth to a ball.

Post time: Mar-03-2021