These two LED bulbs can add 16,000 lumens of light to your garage at a price of only $23 (49% discount)

Tanaka Minori (94% lifetime feedback) provided by Amazon offers 2 packs of ACI 8,000 lumens LED bulbs for $22.99 with the code 3HPZNH7N at checkout. You will find that this is a savings of $22 over the normal $45, i.e. a 49% discount, which is the new historical low point we have tracked. Each lamp here emits an ultra-bright brightness of 8,000 lumens, for a total output of 16,000 lumens. Take a closer look; this is the same as the total light output of 10 standard 100W incandescent bulbs. Each bulb here has three deformable LED panels that can be aligned, so the light can reach exactly where you need it. And, although it has the same light output as 10 100W bulbs, when two lamps are used at the same time, its total power consumption is only 160W. Get 4.8/5 stars out of thousands of stars.
Update 3/15 @ 1:50 PM: Freelicht Lighting via Amazon (98% lifetime feedback) will provide its 3,800 lumens outdoor LED floodlights at checkout at a price of $20.39. Prime comes with code R4NZ5JDH. This saves 40%, which is the new low we tracked. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars.
If you need two bulbs and your budget is tight, check out 2 packs of 2600 lumens LED lights. These are the things I installed in the garage, and I absolutely love them. They provide me with plenty of light for my carpentry projects, and each project only consumes 23W or 46W in total. Today’s lead trading consumes up to 60W of lighting power, so please keep this in mind. You will find that the 2 pack is available on Amazon for only $14, which saves you $6 compared to the brighter bulbs above.
Need to prepare colored lighting for your space? Well, we found a deal earlier today that offered 66 feet of RGB LED lighting for $22. Considering that it saves 35% and marks an all-time low that we are tracking, this is a good price. Although you won’t get the same brightness as the two mentioned above, this LED strip is very suitable for setting mood or entertaining with your family this spring.
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Post time: Mar-16-2021