Circuit Tester Set (3pcs)

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Quickly check 6 and 12 volt systems with this reliable circuit tester


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● Continuity tester, 6/12 volt tester, 18/24/36 volt tester

● For use on cars, trucks, boats, trailers and motorcycles

● Needle point probes

A. Self-Powered Electrical Continuity Tester.

Require one "AA",1.5V battery (not included)

Use this tester to test for continuity with the power disconnected.

For use on recreational and general automotive vehicles.

High and Low Voltage Tester

Use this tester to check primary circuits of 6/12v

On secondary or high voltage circuits you can check spark plugs

C. Heavy Duty Circuit Tester

For 18, 24, and 36 Volt systems.

Use this tester to check AC or DC wiring up to 36 Volts.

CAUTION: Disconnect power source prior to working with any electrical repair to avoid electrical shock and injury.

WARNING: Always wear eye protection which meets ANSI requirements when using any tools.


This circuit tester set includes the tools to test electrical systems in most vehicles. Test continuity, 6/12v circuits and 18/24/36v circuits in cars, trucks, trailers, boats, and motorcycles.

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  • Model TE6-0719/0720/0721
    Voltage 6V/12V /24V and 36V
    DC polarity indicator Yes
    Material ABS
    Type Battery Tester
    Usage Auto car repair tool


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