Vehicle Battery/Alternator Voltage Tester, Analyzer with LCD Display

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For DC12V Automotive Battery / Alternator Test

Plugs Into Any Vehicle Cigarette Lighter Socket

Easy readout for voltage via LCD Display

Model: TE6-0607

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Battery Monitor Results:

Low battery voltage(yellow or red LED) is not always due to a dead battery.  It could be an indication of several things, including but not limited to:

●  Possible problem with the alternator

●  Dirty battery terminals

●  Extreme outside temperature

●  Undercharged battery


Test the voltage on your car battery so you don’t get stranded in the middle of nowhere!

This Automotive Battery Tester measures the voltage of 12V or 24V automotive batteries by simply plugging into the cigarette lighter socket of your automobile. A 1.1-inch LCD displays the voltage and LED indicators display the power level.

Don’t get stranded because of a dead battery. Make sure your battery has enough Volts, test it with this easy to use Automotive Battery Tester!


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  • Model TE6-0607
    Voltage 12V
    Type Auto Battery Tester & Analyzer
    Function Test or Analyze Car Batteries
    Material Type ABS Plastic
    Test battery Lead-acid starter battery
    Application Battery Internal Resistance Testing
    Usage For all12-volt negative ground system


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